The Extended Eyetube Binocular is an ergonomic device for use with quality stereomicroscopes.

Its longer-than-standard eyetube length enables the microscope user to comfortably move back from the workstation, helping to relieve postural fatigue. The 90mm extension is an economical solution to a prevalent workstation problem.




  • Ideal for most microscopes, especially those used with machines, bonders, heated stages, solder stations, under hoods or anywhere operators are otherwise forced into a cramped viewing posture
  • Available as a new item or as a retrofit of existing binocular head (depending on the binocular model)
  • Can be combined with the ErgoAdapter and an Optical Wedge for greatly enhanced workstation flexibility
  • Allows the microscope operator to sit properly with the chair back for support
  • Added magnification compensates for decrease in magnifying power when using long working distance objective lenses


  • Compatible with the ErgoAdapter and Optical Wedges and fits all Leica (WILD) "M" stereo models (except the M5 and M5A)
  • Eyetubes extend 90mm (3.54 inches)­longer than the standard tube length.
  • Increased magnification factor of 1.75x
  • Increased interpupillary distance range to 49.5mm­90mm
  • Maintains parfocality and optical alignments at any position or inclination angle

Improvements may result in minor specification or feature changes without notice