The 0º/90º Optical Wedge is positioned between the binocular head and the optics carrier. It complements existing 45º binoculars, providing two additional viewing angles.





  • Adds new flexibility to microscope workstations
  • Easily installed due to self-aligning flanges
  • Offers a 0º or 90º in-line viewing angle
  • Provides for a more ergonomic viewing angle for many types of workstations
  • Maintains parfocality and optical alignments at any inclination angle
  • Can be combined with the Extended Eyetube Binocular and/or the ErgoAdapter for greatly enhanced workstation flexibility
  • Costs less than half of a straight tube binocular and offers three times the flexibility


  • Fits all Leica (WILD) "M" stereo models (except the M5 and M5A)
  • Precision-machined aluminum with hard anodized finish
  • Quality anti-reflective coated optics

Improvements may result in minor specification or feature changes without notice